Pinnacle Indoor Triathlon

3:45 pm
3:45 pm
3:45 pm
3:45 pm
3:45 pm

The Pinnacle Indoor Triathlon Series is back for its eighth year. This beginner friendly event is great training in the off season. From beginners to elites, the indoor triathlon series is perfect for anyone at any level!

10 Minute Swim - 20 Minute Bike - 10 Minute Run


  • Dates: 
  • November, 6th, 2015
    December 4th, 2015
    January 8th, 2016
    February 5th, 2016

    March 4th, 2016

  • Location: Pinnacle Health & Fitness - 5973 Executive Dr, Fitchburg
  • Register per event or for the entire series
  • $20/event or $75/series. All prices include WI sales tax.
  • First wave starts at 3:45pm. Waves start every 25 minutes after 3:45pm until 8:50pm.
  • There will be 6 people per wave, but if numbers require it we will have up to 9 people (3 to a lane).
  • Registration will be available in September on


The 10 minute swim is completed in Pinnacle's salt water swimming pool.  Distance is tracked by lengths.  You must complete the length before the 10 minute limit to get credit for it.

Transition 1:

Transition one is 10 minutes long and will be done in the men's/women's locker rooms. This is a no rush transition and is more than enough time to change from swim to cycling attire.


The 20 minute bike will be done in Pinnacle's cycling studio on Keiser spin bikes. The bikes will be set at the same gear (10) for everyone. Distance is measured in kilometers on the bikes.

Transition 2:

Transition 2 is 5 minutes long. Participants may change from cycling to running gear if they wish. Transition 2 is in the men's/women's locker rooms as well.


The 10 minute run will be completed on the treadmills at Pinnacle Health and Fitness.  The speed and incline are up to the participant.  Distance will be measured in miles.


Individuals will be scored in the following manner:

- Swim: Measured in lengths of pool. The number of lengths will be determined at the exact time when the whistle is blown. The athlete with the most lengths swam (for all heats) will be awarded 100 points.

All other athletes scores are a percentage of this based on their distance. For example, if the best swimmer swam 50 lengths that person is awarded 100 pts. Someone who swims 40 lengths is awarded 80 points.

- Bike: Measured in 0.01 mile increments. Scoring has same concept as swim, with equal weight.

- Run: Measured in .01 mile increments. Scoring has same concept as swim with equal weight

These 3 scores will be added up and the total will be the athlete’s final score. For example, a person may receive 80 points for the swim, 25 points for the bike, and 58.5 points for the run. Their total score will then be (80 + 25 + 58.5) 163.5 points.


Tthere are no awards for this series.  We will have sponsor give-aways and goodies at each event while they last.